VLC watch 3D Side-By-Side in 2D

In case you have a Side-by-Side 3D video and would like to watch in on your PC, there is a simple trick to play it back using VLC. You might even be able to stream it with these settings using VLC to any other compatible device.
The trick ist to set a forced aspect ratio of the picture and crop the picture to remove one of the two sides. In the following settings we'll be assuming its a FullHD (1080p) video:

In VLC navigate to:
Preferences -> Video -> Force Aspect Ratio
and enter the value 32:9.
Note: This value needs to be removed once you finished watching as its persistent!

Now to crop one side go to:
Tools -> Adjustments and Effects -> Video Effects -> Crop
and enter a value of 960 px in the box Right.

That's it! The video should be playing as if it was a normal movie.